Research Data Warehouse

The Office of Research and Development (Office of Research and Development) together with members of the Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) have created a Research Data Warehouse (RDW). The warehouse captures the main demographic and financial information about all proposals submitted to external agencies and awards received. The information is loaded to the RDW nightly, from the existing Grants and Contracts Management Information System (MIS).

The creation of the RDW was in response to the need expressed by the campus community for Office of Research and Development to provide access to information stored in the Office of Research and Development Management Information System. The RDW has been designed to provide to anyone on campus including individual faculty, chairs, deans, and administrators, access to the MIS information.

This access was be enabled in two stages. In stage I, all users gained the option to access the data via a variety of standard reports that can be run using Crystal Reports. For example, individual faculty can produce a report of all proposals submitted and awards received. To run the reports, the user must have a Windows-based PC with a Crystal runtime file installed by CITS. To be able to create your own ad-hoc reports, it will be necessary for you to acquire a copy of Crystal Reports, and to work with Office of Research and Development and CITS to work out the logistics for enabling ad-hoc reporting.

In Stage ll of implementation, a Web interface was created for the data warehouse. Through the Web, the user has access to the standard reports, as well as keyword searches, and a screen display of detailed information on a grant along with its history.

You will need a User ID to gain access to the Office of Research and Development Research Data Warehouse. This can be achieved by downloading, from the Office of Research and Development web site, the Request for User Access to Information form and instructions. The form requires approval from Office of Research and Development and processing through CITS.

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Last Updated: 07/08/2011 at 09:44:17 AM