Electronic Subaward Request Form (eSuRF)

eSuRF Access

A User ID and Password is required to access ORD's new on-line Electronic Subaward Request Form (eSuRF). Email Colin Hunter (chunter@umaryland.edu) to request access.  Provide the individual's name, email, phone, and campus unit name.

From the eSuRF access webpage, click on Subrecipient Agreement, which takes you to the log-on page.

The User chooses the type of Subaward Request (New or Modification), provides the eUMB Project ID funding the sub, completes the data on the form and submits to ORD. The budget, scope of work, and other pertinent documents are uploaded to the Request Form and submitted with the Request.  Certain fields are required to be completed, and required documents must be uploaded in order to submit the form.  The eUMB Project ID is required in order to save a partially completed form.

Each request has a Request Number which allows the User to find it in eSuRF. The User may start a request, save, and return to finish it later.  The Request Number is also helpful when contacting the Sub Team about the request.

Once submitted, the system emails a pdf of the completed Request Form to the individual who prepared the form, the Department Administrator and the PI. A printed copy of the form will need to be signed by the PI and then sent to ORD to document the PI's authorization of the action.

The Sub Team will copy the Department Administrator and the PI when the subaward is emailed to the subrecipient organization.

Process for Issuing Outgoing Subrecipient Agreements

Questions can be sent to Team Gray in SPA.

Adding a New Subrecipient Organization to the List

Coeus Subcontractor Request Form - Use this form to request that a Subrecipient Organization be added that does not appear in the eSuRF list.  An Organization must be added in Coeus and then it will be available in eSuRF.  To see a newly added Organization in the eSuRF subcontract request form, you may need to log out of eSuRF and then log back in. 

If you submit a Coeus Subcontractor Request Form and do not receive any response within 8 work-hours after you submit the form (that is, by the next work-day), please contact Janet Simons or Dennis Paffrath in ORD.