How to Upload a Subaward Budget in Coeus

Applicable to: system-to-system submissions

Download a blank form: Adobe Forms Subaward Budget 

Open the file with a compatible version of Adobe Reader

Ensure that the RR subaward budget (Adobe Form) has been completed in full. Remember:

  • DUNS number of the subrecipient organization is required.
  • Project period dates must match those of the proposal.
  • Person months must be entered for all personnel in all years.
  • Budget justification attachment must be a PDF document.

In the budget module

  1. Enter and save the detailed budget (all years) for the proposal
  2. From the menu bar, select Edit → Sub Award

In the Sub Award Budget window,

  1. Click Add to open a browser window on your computer
  2. Select the completed subaward budget file and click Open
  3. Enter the name of the subrecipient organization in the Organization Name field
  4. Click Add again to upload additional subaward budgets, if any
  5. Click Translate to have Coeus translate the PDF file to the XML format required for system-to-system submission (Coeus to
    • You will see a green check in both the PDF and XML boxes if the budgets have loaded correctly
    • You will see an attachment name in the Attachments box if the budget justification attachment has loaded correctly. 
  6. Click OK to close the Sub Award Budget window

The budget is automatically refreshed with the correct amounts in each Budget Period. Coeus applies the correct amounts to cost elements 000022, 000023, 000040, 000041.
Note that you may upload a subaward budget even for modular budget submissions, and the subaward amounts will calculate accurately and sync to the modular budget correctly. Review the modular budget instructions.
TIP:  If you upload the subaward budget file and the budget cost elements do not populate, check the subaward and edit as needed so that the subaward project period dates match those of the proposal

Save and close the budget module

To include the Subaward budget in a detailed budget submission and view the budget as it will appear in the proposal:
From the main proposal window:

  1. Select Action →
  2. Select the Forms tab
  3. Check the boxes to include the RR Budget and the RR SubAward Budget
  4. Save
  5. Highlight RR SubAward Budget
  6. Click Print to view