Terms of Art - Definitions for commonly used terms

On this "Terms of Art" page, we are gathering and defining certain terms that are used in our field of research administration, but not always understood. E-mail us to suggest definitions to include on this page.

Commonly used acronyms


Other Significant Contributor

Other significant contributors (OSCs), as defined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are individuals who have committed to contribute to the scientific development or execution of the project, but are not committing any specified measurable effort (i.e., person months) to the project. They will not be paid and should not be included in the budget or in the budget justification. OSCs are listed in the Senior/Key Person Profile (the Key Person tab in Coeus) and a biosketch for each is required. OSCs should be listed last after all other senior/key persons have been listed. An OSC may provide a letter of support for the proposal, describing their contribution to the project.

Individuals with measurable effort cannot be listed as Other Significant Contributors.

Other Support information (whether in the proposal or provided just-in-time) is not required for Other Significant Contributors.


Sponsor?  Prime Sponsor?

On the proposal details tab of Coeus Proposal Development, you will find fields for "Sponsor" and "Prime Sponsor".  The Sponsor field must always be entered.  The Prime Sponsor field is completed when another organization is submitting the proposal for funding and UMB is a subrecipient. 

The SPONSOR is the institution/organization that is submitting the proposal.  This organization is sometimes referred to as the "Prime Applicant".

The PRIME SPONSOR is the funding organization to which the proposal is being submitted.

Routing a subcontract proposal