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Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) within the Office of Research and Development provides administrative support to faculty and departmental administrators for all sponsored project activities. University faculty were awarded more than $479.8 million in research, service, and training awards in FY13. SPA will work with you to submit competitive proposals, negotiate agreements, and navigate the world of sponsored programs administration. 

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Important to Know!  Recent news, policies, and changes related to grants and contracts that you should know:

TAKE THE KUALI COEUS TRAINING SURVEY: We are interested in learning more about training methods preferred by Coeus users, in order to inform us as we prepare training for Kuali Coeus. Please take just 5-7 minutes to complete this survey - we appreciate your input!

GOOD NEWS: The upgrade of February 22 restored the ability to submit NIH proposals that include human subjects. A new tool in Coeus allows the user to complete the form, upload it into Coeus, and include it form submission.

Updated SPA Teams and unit assignments - effective December 1, 2013

SPA Business Practices - effective November 2013

SPA-SPAC Quarterly Meetings: Stay current on the latest updates and changes!

NIH ASSIST to be used for multi-project NIH proposals:  For multi-project proposals being submitted on September 25, 2013 and beyond, we will need to use the ASSIST program for entry and submission. This NIH webinar is highly recommended for anyone who will be preparing and submitting an NIH multi-project proposal. Enter and submit for approval via Coeus using the same process as for Adobe Forms submissions.
SPA Information session (PDF, 585 KB)
ASSIST Resources

NIH ENFORCING PAGE SIZE LIMITATIONS: NIH added a new error validation that rejects applications with ANY pages over 8.5 in x 11 in.  The size requirement is not new, but the fact that a SINGLE PAGE being slightly off in size will stop a proposal is a new twist (and challenge). Read more

IMPORTANT COEUS WORKAROUND:  When you have a proposal that is a Resubmission of a Renewal, you must enter "Renewal" on the Proposal screen in Coeus as the Proposal Type (not Resubmission).  Then, in the Questionnaire, respond "yes" to the question about whether this proposal is a Renewal. This response opens the question about Previously Reported Patents (which is only required for Renewal applications). Finally, when the proposal gets to SPA, SPA will request that the Proposal Type be changed "behind the scenes" to "Resubmission." This will ensure that it goes through to NIH correctly, both WITH the Patent Question answered and marked as a Resubmission.

NIH checklists for NIH research, K series and F series grant proposals are available on the Coeus Proposal Toolkit page.

Kuali Coeus Project: Over the next few months, UMB will transition from our current Coeus system to the new Kuali Coeus system for our electronic research administration needs.

NCURA's YouTube Tuesdays - short videos address research administration topics

Keep up with NIH issues by reading the Rock Talk Blog by Dr. Sally Rockey, NIH's Deputy Director for Extramural Research.

Access to eRA Commons:  Please contact Colin Hunter in SPA to obtain an account. The PI/trainee/fellow must respond to an NIH email to confirm and activate the account.


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